4 Valentine's Day Outfits from Casual to Chic

Ok, I get it. Some people LOVE Valentine’s Day, and some people hate it…like it’s literally the end of the world. I, for one, am in the “love” camp. And I’m not just saying that because I’m married to my partner-in-crime. No, no, no. When I was in college we used to get all the girls together on V-day, order pizzas and watch romantic comedies in our pajamas in our dorm lounge. It was the BEST!

I still love it to this day, even though my hubs tries to abolish “Hallmark Holidays,” ha! We usually make some romantic dinner that we love, then make chocolate covered strawberries and watch our favorite movies. I adore it.

But today, I’m here to share some outfit ideas that will go with your perfect day/night out, regardless of your love or distain for the holiday.

Up first, we have a casual cool ensemble featuring a long-sleeved chambray button-up paired with black denim and my Coral Hearts Scarf double looped.

Second, we have a day to night outfit featuring my Fractured Linear Pencil Skirt paired with a bright pink, long-sleeved boat neck. Layer it up with a chunky necklace and simple yet elegant earrings (we don’t want our accessories fighting, do we?) This could be paired with knee high black boots, black booties, or black flats…take you pick!

Third, I haven’t forgotten all you love haters! If V-day for you is a funeral for love, then this outfit is where it’s at. Black denim, simple black half-sleeve tee with stylish sleeve detail, and my Black Hearts scarf. You pay homage, and memoriam to Valentine’s day, while looking classically chic.

Finally, I cannot overlook the LBD. Everyone’s got one, and Valentine’s is the perfect time to bust it out! I’ve paired mine with my Pink Hearts Infinity Scarf, layered with a retro necklace. Scarf and necklace layering is super fun, but something people don’t try often enough…give it a go!

I hope you're inspired by these outfit ideas for your Valentine's day in or out! And do share what you decide to don on the day, I'd love to see it!