Pencil Skirt Style for Work, Play & Weekend

Since you ladies know that pencil skirts are my thing, I thought I would share with you some fun ideas on how to style a pencil skirt for work, play or the weekend!

But first let me dispel a myth: a LOT of women say to me “oh, if I was skinnier I could wear a pencil skirt”, or “I don’t have a pencil body so I can’t wear a pencil skirt.” Well, let me be the first to tell you that my size 10/12 body looks AMAZING in a pencil skirt. I’m not super thin but I’m healthy/athletic and I LOVE my body, so I rock these skirts in a style that suits me…and that’s what I want for each of you! I want you to wear clothes that look AND feel good on you and also make you feel like a million bucks! Before you knock it, give it a try and slip into a modern, chic pencil!

Ok, off my soapbox, first up is work. When I worked in Corporate America, pencil skirts and dresses were basically my uniform, I love them so much! My tried and true styling choice is a fitted knit top, tucked in if your skirt has waistline detail that you want to show off, or left un-tucked if your top has beautiful bottom detail. Here is Alicia rocking my Fading Rectangle midi skirt with a classic black knit top featuring sleeve button detail and a pair of gorgeous suede booties! Classically gorgeous and professional.

If you’re working hard, then you gotta play hard too…and what better style to rock than a pencil skirt! You’ve worked hard all day or week and you’re headed out for a girl’s night or date night with your sweetie so pair a stylishly comfortable pencil skirt with a flowy easy top, a pair of booties, and some bling and you’re good to go! Kenya is styling my Triangle Slash Pencil Skirt with a flowy black top featuring a triangle back cutout. She’s paired it with a chunky black & gold necklace and black suede booties to complete the look (can you tell I luuurve booties!?)

Finally a stylishly effortless weekend look for you all. Think casual pencil skirt, jean jacket and comfy sneaks to run to the farmer’s market or get brunch with friends. This is my summer look of choice, it’s simple, comfortable and super cute. Below, Kenya is wearing my Diagonal Pencil Skirt paired with a simple white tank, hip jean jacket and Converse. A modern easy look to jaunt around town!

I hope this helped inspire you all! I’d love to hear what your favorite pencil skirt outfits are too, so leave me a comment below!