5 Must-Have Pieces for Fall

I LOVE fall...like absolutely love it! It also helps that my birthday is in September, so that's a great way to start the season. One of the things I love most about fall is the clothes. It's not too hot and not too cool so I get to layer to my hearts content...which, I'm not gonna lie, lets me hide some parts of me that are harder to disguise in the summertime (read: post-preggo squishy belly). Don't get me wrong, I love this hourglass bod of mine, but I like to highlight all the amazingness that it holds and downplay the working-on-being-amazing bits. 

5 Must-Have Pieces for Fall - geekchicclothing

Enter my fav 5 for Fall! There are some pieces in my wardrobe that I could not live without in fall!

First among them a cardigan (ok, or maybe 5 or 6 in all my fav colors)! Ask my sister, she will tell you that I have an unnatural affection for cardigans and even got her to buy one or two, hahaha! They're easy to layer and so cozy!

And what goes better with a cardigan than a slightly fitted long sleeve tee. Beyond that they are actually quite versatile. If you wear it with a cardigan you can take off the cardi if it gets warm. You can wear it alone. Or you can wear it with the sleeves pushed or rolled up on warmer fall days. I have half a drawer full of LS tees, mostly in black, white, gray, or some color blocked or striped version of that.

Who can live without a solid pair of boyfriend jeans?! I bought a pair of American Eagle jeans from TJ Maxx after I had my son and hadn't quite lost all the baby weight. Now they are my perfect broken-in relaxed go-to jeans. I'd wear them everyday if it weren't for the snot, sticky fingers and random goop my sweet babies love on me with!

Cozy, warm & chic blanket scarves! Check out ours, with more coming this fall!

Cozy, warm & chic blanket scarves! Check out ours, with more coming this fall!

Oooh, and on those cool days, a fashion scarf is soo cozy and perfect! I have several of my own geekchicfashion scarves (and secretly several $5 "pashminas" from NYC street vendors when I lived there, lol...like I say responsible fashion is an evolution/process). But it's soo nice to have accent or solid colored neck candy with a patterned outfit.

And you know I couldn't forget my absolutely (totally biased) fav: a jersey skirt! You all know I have several of my own designs, but my hands-down favorite is the Fractured Linear Skirt (oh, I've mentioned that a few million times already...my bad)! I love these for fall because while people don't typically think of skirts for cool weather, you can easily wear a tee, cardigan and booties and be perfectly warm on a fall day (my go-to outfit that you will certainly see this fall if you come to a pop-up market). Throw on an accent scarf and you're perfect.

So that's my 5 Must-Haves for Fall! I hope you liked them and they gave you some inspiration for fall outfits! 

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Finally I'd LOVE to hear what your fall must-haves are in the comments. Tell me what you can't live without in the cool weather months!

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