4 Effortless Ways to Style A Jersey Skirt

Have you ever tried on a jersey and wondered how often you'd really wear it? Or you bought one but its just hanging idly in your closet waiting for the perfect outfit inspiration to strike! 

Well, today is your lucky day because I've pulled together 4 effortless looks for your jersey skirt! These looks will work for a striped skirt, a color block skirt or a solid colored skirt. They will also work for a pencil cut or flared fit...the sky is the limit!

There are 4 or 5 basic pieces you need to create modern and chic styled outfits with your jersey skirt. The photos above speak for themselves with more detail on each below. Get styling, Loves!!

  • A cardigan for a chic business casual look
    • Preferably colored, but do whatever strikes your fancy
  • A blazer for a more professional business casual yet stylish ensemble
    • Now I'm not one for a blazer, but really try to find one that suits your style. My fav is a mandarin collar or collar-less blazer with a tailored waist to show my hourglass figure.
  • A basic white tee and a scarf for the simplest yet put together weekday look.
  • A graphic tee for easy weekend wear
    • Choose a plain colored tee if graphic is not your thin

Oh, you don't have a jersey skirt yet? Well, I can definitely help with that too! Stop by our shop and grab yours today. And definitely let me know if you have any questions about sizing or fit, I'm happy to help: lysandra[at]geekchicclothing.com