3 Easy Tips for a Stylish Jersey Skirt Outfit

"What could I wear with this skirt?"

I LOVE that question! In a past life (immediately post-college) I worked at the GAP for two years and absolutely adored helping people find clothes that worked well for their lives and their bodies. Who knew that job would come full circle!

I've put together 3 easy tips to help you rock your jersey skirt in a way that is true to you

Don't be afraid of a tailored look on bottom.

Fractured Linear Jersey Skirt

I am no small woman (size 10 on a good day), so I definitely understand the fear of a tailored skirt. I'm here to tell you, don't fear! As I am constantly saying (and truly not simply because this is my brand, I really believe this) that jersey skirts, and pencil skirts in particular, can be rocked at any size! Some of my favorite celebs like Lauren Makk, who is a curvy size 12, rocks pencils skirts in such style its amazing! Fashion blogger Naturally Fashionable also rocks a mean pencil skirt.

I say all this to say, you can do it too, I promise! The next two tips will help you get there!

Pair it with something you love and feel comfortable in.

Flowy top that hits mid-hip.

Flowy top that hits mid-hip.

The best way to wear a new style or something that is out of your comfort zone is to pair it with something that you absolutely adore! Think: your fav flowy top that hits mid-hip, a fitted double tank combo, an easy peplum top that accentuates your natural waist, a cozy boyfriend cardigan, or a cheeky graphic tee. My go-to lately is a black jersey peplum top (disguises the remains of my squishy mom belly perfectly).

Whatever top in your wardrobe makes your heart sing, wear that!

Bold solid colors are your friend

Bright coral half sleeve tee with patterned jersey skirt.

Bright coral half sleeve tee with patterned jersey skirt.

I know that each and every one of you have a fun solid colored top in your fashion arsenal, right? Ok, truth be told, my two go to tops right now are black...but they're solid colored, right?! Lol! Take your patterned or color block skirt, put on that fun solid colored top and you're good to go!

A few bonus tips to consider: 

  • Do you! Ignore everything I just wrote if it doesn't resonate with you. You are what matters most and clothes are your way of speaking to the world!
  • If you have a loose blouse you love, try tucking it in and adding a belt
  • If you love cardigans as much as I do, try adding a belt for a different look...try it outside the cardi OR inside the cardi around the waist of the skirt...two very different but stylish looks

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Fashionably Yours,

Lysandra, Owner/Designer