Ladies Night Out!

The Superbowl has come and gone - crazy fun, and crazy depressing commercials included…Nationwide, I’m talking to you! But seriously…who wants a real-life Pac-man game *raises hand*!

I, for one, quite enjoyed hanging out watching the game, so I thought I would share some other ideas for hanging out…with the ladies! Ladies Night Out!! I love getting the girls together, getting slightly dolled up, chatting, eating, drinking and just having an overall good time. I’ve got three great ideas for you where you can throw on your favorite easy top and chic pencil skirt (hello Fractured Linear Pencil Skirt) and have a great evening out.

First up, since I used to work at a brewery, BEER GARDEN! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know…”I don’t like beer”. But I’m telling you, there is a beer out there for every woman! If you love fruity drinks, try a hefeweizen or framboise. If you love your liquor dry try an IPA or pale ale. If you’re super adventurous, try a Lambic. For even the most wary of ladies, a casual evening at a beer garden can be filled with fun and delicious drinks…also if you have single friends…where do you think men hang out ;-)

Next up, a wine tasting. Now this, I know most of you ladies can get behind. Who doesn’t love a wine soaked evening with the girls trying wines you’ve never had before. If you are lucky enough to live near a winery (and have a DD), plan a visit and sample what your local watering hole has to offer. I was surprised that when I lived in Michigan and now in North Carolina there were wineries not 45 minutes from my house in both states! I’ve also done a chartered wine tour with my sister. It’s soo much fun and soo delicious!!

Ok, ok, so the first two involve lots of booze. And as someone who cannot currently drink (hello, babydesigner #2) I thought a lovely progressive dinner would be fun too. What is a progressive dinner you ask? Well, let me tell you…it’s only the best, most fun way to have a dinner party and spread the work amongst friends. You start out with an appetizer at one friends house, then travel to the next friends house for the main course (family style meals or slow cooker meals usually work best), then finally to the last person’s house for dessert. You progress through the courses of a meal while progressing through friends’ houses…fun, right?

Three course progressive meal: caprese salad, pasta bolognese, and cannolis!

Well, I hope this inspired you to plan your next ladies night out! I’m working on a fun game night with a few of my favorites in the next few weeks! Don’t forget your casual chic style for your night on the town with a modern infinity scarf or chic pencil skirt!